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A confession to facebook

December 4, 2012

A while ago, in contravention of facebook’s current policy (though I was too lazy to check every website’s policy on user accounts, and didn’t check facebook’s), I copied what I perceived others to be doing and created a second account in my own name for the purposes of segregating my friends from a troublesome troll with whom I wished to retain facebook contact, but did not wish him to be able to scrawl over the walls of my friends.

Later whilst battling insomnia, and in a fit of boredom, I created an account for my alter ego, Chalisque.  Facebook has detected that this is not a real account, and prevented login, and when prompted with the ‘This is really my name’ box, I could not in conscious deliberate action click the box and take the game one step further. Thus there is an account which has written one status update, posted two photos, friended one person and there is no way I can find to tell facebook about this, come clean and get the account removed.  Anyway, I’ve confessed here, publicly.  I apologise to facebook for any inconvenience.   For me that is the end of the matter unless facebook wishes to take it further.

All the best,

John (aka S. Chalisque, a name I’ve been using online since 2007)


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