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My Philosophy of Learning, part II

November 29, 2012

Consider an eight year old playing an old 1980s style platform game, learning where to go.  In effect he or she is learning a long abstract sequence of right and wrong: wrong move means lose a life, lose all your lives and you have to start again.  In many ways this is harder than old-school Victorian methods, but it is fun.  Fun, Joy and Creativity in the avoidance of Boredom are key mental qualities and emotions in this process: master these four and Boredom will become your friend, telling you when you are learning inefficiently.  You should be able to push yourself to boredom sometimes, find the threshold between mind-numbing and excruciating, stroke that threshold lovingly like a cats fur until it purrs, then back off.   This way you Joyfully find the limits of your Boredom.  Equally, work out how much Fun you really need, and when and when not to be Creative, and enJoy the practice of grooving in what works and grooving out what does not.  Of course there’s more to it than this, but this is about as far as I am prepared to go in a public blog.


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