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My Philosophy of Learning, part 1

November 29, 2012

I consider myself a loving, caring person.  I am also quite strategic and sometimes obsessively efficient about things.  I summarise my philosophy of learning as the Loving Caring Disciplinarian Authoritarian Complete Total And Utter File System Checking Bar Steward school of learning.  Point one is that we do not learn to make mistakes, nor do we learn to tolerate making them in our learning.  This is not Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, so much as Ditch the Rod, Don’t Spoil the Child, but for XYZ’s sake, make sure he or she gets the wibbly thing right.

When writing, set yourself goals.  The rules are that on your first mistake you write out the wrong word correctly; on the second, you write out the current line correctly, on the third you write out the current paragraph correctly.  At the fourth error, and be judicious about what you deem to be an error, you stop, tell yourself Game Over, and either take a break or start again.  Basically, learn to treat learning as you would the learning of an 8-bit bouncy platform computer game like Monty on the Run.

Second, in everything, Absolute Master of the Basics, and settle for nothing less.  Foundational mental structures need to be driven in to a depth of hundreds of thousands of good repetitions with a success rate of at least 95%.  Settle for nothing less.  Remember that Correct Practice Repeated Often Enough Makes Perfect, and that anything less does not.  Practice alone does not make perfect.


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