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Nonstandard Models of Reality and the joy of psuedo-real fiction

August 30, 2012

People assume things all the time.  We just do that, out of both necessity and habit.  We agree on working hypotheses by convention and then move on accordingly.  Science is a classic case: reasoning logically from empirical evidence and fair assumptions.  But what if at least one of those assumptions is false.  What then?

For example, your average neuroscientists probably assumes that mind is produced by brain function.  But what if we turn that upside down?  What if Mind is fundamental, and material reality is a product of Mind?  What if reality is a great consistency engine that answers questions… where reality eventually relented and gave the CERN scientists a blip so that they could have their Higgs boson, but that in fact it didn’t exist before, and reality was despairing with the clever questions scientific minds was asking of it, and just said ‘bugger it, here’s your Higgs boson, now just let me rewire a few laws of physics to keep everything balanced.’  You see, things could be very different from what science tells us without contradicting any empirical evidence observed to date.  This is not the place of science to investigate, but of fiction.  For in fiction we can have the thought experiment writ large, exploring possibilities in a model universe where, as the author, we have total knowledge and total power, yet in telling a story we are constrained as to what we can actually do.  Such is the fun of imagination.


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