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Tai Chi

April 29, 2012

I have practised Tai Chi (or Taiji if you prefer) for a number of years.  I keep noticing connections between it and music, and condensed some of these observations into the following.

Tai Chi is a musical silence, the body its instrument.
It is a flowing art of body and mind: deep, relaxed and serene

The forms are its etudes,
loosening exercises its scales,
and push hands its duets;
choreography holds its notes,
internal forces give them expression,
application shows meaning.

As there is fun, joy and beauty in music,
so there is also in Tai Chi;
as there is structure, practice and technique in music,
so also in Tai Chi.

Softness, and strength within relaxation;
smoothness, continuity and flow,
with structure, weight and stability.
Apply the basic principles and form follows,
understand the principles and meaning follows.


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