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Judgement, Spiritual Seekers and their Paths

April 17, 2012

In life, I feel and believe that I’m on some kind of spiritual journey: this is the only view that really makes sense after much deep thought and introspection.  What follows is my advice and interpretation in this context of the Golden Rule. It is inspired in part by Matt 7.12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” And also of the * against judgement of  Matt 7.  Even if you don’t follow Biblical wisdom, similar lessons may be inferred from other sources, the Golden Rule especially.

When you meet a fellow Spiritual Seeker
or Pilgrim if you will,
following his path through the world:
think only of the next few steps of his journey,
not of your path, or your wishes or desires,
and not of where you are headed,
and how great your destination would be for them.

If you can, and he (or she) needs,
offer them assistance only with the next step in their journey,
leaving their long term destination and journey in the hands
of the Divine, or God, or the Universe.

Never force your way upon them,
never  believe yours is the right way for them,
or that yours is the only True way:
True is that greatest of mirages,
for real Truth is something we cannot see.

Do not judge their ways,
save for preventing harm,
either by them or to them, for

if you judge them,
you judge yourself,
and others judge you,
by your standards and theirs.

Do not judge, nor help by force,
and if you do choose to help,
be sure first that
are indeed the one to do so,
and that you are able.

Too much harm is wrought by well intentioned fools trying to fix what they cannot and change what they should not.


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