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The Walled Garden

December 14, 2011

Within the walls of the garden, all appears rosy.  But what of the world beyond?

When the rules dictate who one talks to, what one reads, what one does, what then?

Adam and Eve, upon discovering knowledge, had to leave the garden;  the Buddha, upon learning of suffering, had to leave the palace and embark on a life of austerity and self-investigation. 

Once one discovers that there is more to the world, more to life, than the garden, one must move on.  The path of self-discovery, self-development and self-knowledge cannot truly be walked within the walls of a single garden, no matter how nice the garden may be.

One must walk where no flowers have been planted, and explore the ground; where others have walked, yet missed things; where no-one has yet been. 

Once one has outgrown the garden, one must learn to explore the reality beyond.


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