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A Blue Sky’s View of Our Origins

September 23, 2011

The following is the kind of ‘blue sky’ philosophical musing which I very much enjoy engaging in.

The ‘waters’ in Genesis are abstract waters: physical reality as we know it did not exist at that point, whenever it was.  The apparent past isn’t real: paleontology investigates a virtual past which, like a reflection in water or a mirror, doesn’t actually exist; rather, it merely appears to exist but lacks substance upon closer inspection.  No human was present to observe and bear witness to the distant past, so what do we have to tell it apart from illusion but supposition and unfounded assumption?

The apparent permanence of the past is founded upon the mental work done by those minds who believe that such a past is real; by their efforts they make it appear real and upon this ‘reality’ they stake their reputations.  No empirical evidence can contradict this, for how do you interpret such evidence?  We cannot eliminate the uncertainty of our assumptions, and we have all the material we require to delude ourselves: all the rope necessary to hang our minds thrice over.

By ‘waters’, Genesis refers to a sub-physical substrate beneath physical reality, deeper so that our everyday minds cannot perceive it.  Upon this substrate the physical was created before self-consistency conditions forced the creation of the ancient past: our origins are relatively recent.

Genesis asserts, in effect, that all is due to mind, and ultimately the Mind of God: the mind before all mind, with the Word of Life which was itself before all, with God, as John attests.  It is utter folly to doubt such reason as this, for where will you find sure and certain foundations?


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  1. The basic idea is a mind-first view of reality rather than a material-first one. Material first is the fashionable thing in modern science, that physical reality came first, then the earth and humans evolved to intelligence on that earth. Its convenient for scientists, robust in most places and reliable as a foundation for most rational thought… But we must assume material-first as an article of faith in the absence of a reproducable experimental way to test it. The point of the post is to consider a mind-early, mind-of-God first perspective and suggest that this was more of the mindset of the author of Genesis. The article also draws on John 1:1-3, and the picture that in the beginning was just God before things began to differentiate (the Word was God… The Word became flesh etc. ).

    My preferred metaphysical viewpoint is of the physical world as a construct of mind rooted ultimately in the mind of God. This requires the universe to hold far less information to explain our experience of it than current physics would suggest.

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