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The Average Psychiatrist is NOT a Mental Health Expert

August 17, 2011

Your average psychiatrist has never personally experienced a Psychiatric disorder.  How many psychiatrists have been diagnosed with Schizophriena, have recovered and have experience of what worked for them? The answer is surely not many.  Idem for Bipolar disorder and for any other ‘disorder’ listed in their diagnostic manuals.  The trouble is, those diagnostic manuals were written by people who didn’t understand their patients, and they haven’t been corrected to take account of the errors in the initial guesses of medical practitioners like Kraeplin who decided to try their hand at medically treating other people’s behaviour.

This absurd situation where the ‘experts’ relied upon by the Government, with this relationship enshrined in the Mental Health Acts, is just going to result in more and more people taking more and more drugs and nobody getting well.  To prevent a spiraling cost of drugged people who are unable to seriously contribute back to society, something needs to change.

Please people let’s end this mess.  People with mental issues are misunderstood by people who fundamentally cannot understand them, misdiagnosed accord to a diagnostic manual which is just plain wrong, and mistreated by doctors and nurses on the word of a psychiatrist who basically doesn’t have a clue what their patient is experiencing.

End the insanity!


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