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On Society and Moral Collapse

August 17, 2011

The government is going on and on about ‘moral collapse’. But what is it actually doing about it? What, in fact, can it do?


The recent ‘moral collapse’ was inevitable.  We have built our modern society on inadequate
and unstable foundations and have turned our backs on the wisdom of old, without replacing
it with anything.  The result is that things are getting chaotic: learned lessons of the ancient
world as to how to contain this sort of behaviour have been unlearned and need to be learned

Fundamentally, we are human beings, many of us here are British, English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish,
but none of us are machines, and we should not be treated as machines for the production of
work to the satisfaction of the business classes.  That model began with the industrial revolution
and it is a failure: no stable society came about and things just rolled ever forwards until the
inevitable accidents started to happen.

Until the nation’s (and indeed the world’s) government and businesses learn not to treat the human
population like machines that are just there to consume money and produce work, these kinds of
collapse will continue to happen.  We must rebuild society on solid human qualities and foundations, and this must begin with how we treat our young children and young families: children are a joy not
a burden, and society must behave accordingly or risk giving our youth the message that we never wanted them, which will produce a symmetrical response with them rejecting us.  We are all in this
world, nation and these countries together and we need to cooperate properly and that means we
need a framework which is acceptable to all, barring none.  Be warned.

The above is based on an edited version of a letter I forwarded to the Times. As they have elected not to publish, I put it here.


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