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What is Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression?

August 16, 2011
  1. Bipolar Disorder is a name that people may attach to you.
  2. If you are deemed to ‘have’ Bipolar Disorder, you are Bipolar.
  3. You can only be truly called Bipolar by a qualified psychiatrist.
  4. If a psychiatrist calls you Bipolar, you ‘are’ Bipolar.
  5. It does not matter that this is an empty name.
  6. When you are Bipolar, a couple of psychiatrists and a social worker may ‘section’ you.
  7. If you get section’d, the psychiatrists are allowed to kidnap you.
  8. If they kidnap you, they will take you to a ‘hospital‘.
  9. This ‘hospital’ is not a real hospital, but may be located near one.
  10. In ‘hospital’ you will be mistreated by another psychiatrist and his army of nurses.
  11. The nurses are allowed to wrestle you to the ground in teams of practically unlimited size (7 or more) and stick toxic chemicals up your arse.
  12. They are allowed to claim that ‘you needed it’ and that ‘it was for your own good’.
  13. You may not remove your Bipolar name, even if it is empty, null, void, or even given in error.
  14. You must accept your label and live with it.
  15. Your label is an excuse for psychiatrists, Big Pharma and their friends to make money out of you.
  16. They will be ruthless in exploiting you in this way.
  17. To play their games, you must begin by giving them what they want.
  18. To win the game, you must not lose yourself, and you must end up in a place where you are happy and can stay happy.
  19. If you are happy, that is good enough for now, but you must ensure that you do not get unhappy, because then the psychiatrists may say you’ve had a ‘mood swing’ and are ‘having a low’ and will try to give you more toxic chemicals to swallow or inject.
  20. Very few people who are taking drugs from their dealer (i.e. the psychiatrist and the pharmacist and related people) are allowed to get off them, even if they can.
  21. Trying to get off your drugs is unwise.
  22. Doing so will incur the wrath of the psychiatrist and his friends.
  23. If you incur the wrath of a psychiatrist he will say that you are ‘having a relapse’ and try to feed you more drugs.
  24. He doesn’t care if he’s prescribing you too much:
  25. If he doesn’t prescribe you lots of drugs, he risks getting disciplined by his peers.

Ok.  That’s enough for now.


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