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MDF Website Please Get A Clue…

August 15, 2011

I’ll start with the explanatory page.

** Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental health problem involving extreme swings of mood (highs and lows). **

You need to explain what ‘mood’ is, what a ‘high’ is and what a ‘low’ is, when it is ‘extreme’, why it is considered ‘extreme’ and also how ‘health problems’ can be ‘mental’ at all.  There are seven unknowns in this sentence alone, and that makes it effectively impossible for me to read.  Make it clear please.

** Both men and women of any age from adolescence onwards and from any social or ethnic background can develop Bipolar  Disorder. **

Just say ‘everybody potentially has it’, no need for the wordy sentence.

** It often first occurs when work, study, family or emotional pressures or stressors are at their greatest. **

But sometimes doesn’t.  Also ‘stressors’ isn’t a common enough word to use, also how does one see if anybody else’s ’emotional pressures are at their greatest’?  You certainly can’t see for yourself if you are not them, only they know and, if they say they are fine, you have no grounds to believe otherwise.

** In women it can also be triggered by childbirth or during menopause. **

So, ‘everybody can get it and it can be triggered by anything’.  Do we actually know anything about Bipolar Disorder or is it just a name Psychiatrists get to call people when they want to (like calling someone a Fat Bastard in the playground.)  Does the term Bipolar Disorder actually have any real meaning?  Please explain what this meaning is.
** The illness is episodic, i.e. occurs in phases but it is possible to remain well for long periods. **

So everybody can get it, it can be triggered by anything, nobody has a clue how many times it strikes or whether it strikes.  What use is the term Bipolar Disorder if we can’t deduce anything from it??

** Typically, the key to coping with Bipolar Disorder is an early diagnosis by a qualified mental health specialist and acceptance of the condition. Severe and/or untreated episodes of
Bipolar Disorder can be very damaging to the person affected and their families and friends. **

NO!  The key to coping is staying well clear of a psychiatrist with legal permission to call you a Bipolar Whatever.  If they can’t see you, you can’t get diagnosed and then you won’t have to take toxic drugs that fuck your mind up.  They are seeing things that aren’t there: Bipolar Disorder is a contagious hallucination passed around by psychiatrists.  It doesn’t exist, it is just a hallucination powered by fear of unknown behaviours in people you think you fully understand.

I’ll stop here, but you guys really should be on the side of the patients, not the ‘doctors’ who no longer practise proper medicine.


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