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Risk, Risk, Risk… (a poem)

August 14, 2011

Risk, Risk, Risk…
Why Risk Risk?
Risk is Risk; and
Risk is Risk.

What is Risk?
Risk is Risk:
Risk is Risk of
Things that may Be!

Things that may Be
May also Be not:
So what is the point
of Risking a jot?

Risk is important
Because people say so,
but why it’s important
does anybody know?

Answers on a postcard or blog entry in a suitable poetic form please.


From → Poetry

  1. Risk assess, make a mess;
    Risk averse, be a nurse;
    Risk avoid, get annoyed;
    Risk at all, be a fool!

  2. Risk is worry; worry risk:
    Is worry good? Surely no!
    No for sure, for worry more
    and risk your sanity all for
    the chance of what might
    never be, that still can scare
    when you can’t see.

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