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On Professional Politicians and their Ideas…

August 11, 2011

The average politician understands neither the internet, nor computers, nor our social instincts.  The average politician knows only one thing: how to get elected and re-elected.  This is what they do, yet we must rely on them to be our elected representatives.  How can this best be achieved?

The answer is to reduce their roles to an absolute minimum.  The should never try to implement their own ideas as to how to govern us: they must give this up as a pre-condition of being our representatives.  For if they value their own ideas, they will be representing themselves more than they should, and consequently be underrepresenting their constituents.

They should select the sources of ideas they trust, listen to the people, weight up the options and choose between what is offered, without adding any colouration from their own thinking. As our representatives, they should represent us, and our interests, not themselves, their ideas and their ultimate interest of getting re-elected.

Absolutist monarchs never had the problems associated with election and electability, so why, as a purportedly more advanced and democratic society are we still ruled by the Absolutist Monarch that is the current community of professional politicians. We need a constitutional system so that politicians are not free to have their own ideas written into laws: they must give the ideas to the public and the public must think them through and, en masse, give them back before an idea should be considered worthy or writing onto the statue books.

On the subject of constitutions, they should really only restrict the rights and roles of politicians to the minimum necessary to do their jobs.  This is the microkernel philosophy applied in the context of national governance.


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