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Are we not, First and Foremost, an Animal?

August 10, 2011

In a discussion elsewhere, Bipolar Batesy said the above question, quoting D. H. Lawrence thus:

In the Beginning, before the Word, was Consciousness.
The primal consciousness in man is pre-mental, and has nothing to do with cognition.
It is the same as in the animals.
And this pre-mental consciousness remains
as long as we live the powerful root
and body of our consciousness.
The mind is but the last flower, the cul-de-sac.

First and foremost an animal? NO. We are beings with minds which experience reality. Animal is a human notion, and either your animals have conscious minds which experience reality and have all the trappings of a human mind, or they do not. In the former case it is the human qualities that matter above the animal ones.

To continue the backward series (as poetically as I can manage, so as to answer Mr Lawrence):

Before what was conscious
Was what was aware
And yet it was not without influence.

Aware it became
of the effect that it caused
and thus the self became born.

The self is called conscious
to be apart from what is not,
what is not, that is,
aware of its own influence.

All this had happened
before the physical had form
and well before the appearance
of animals.

The mind is the last flower, but also the first:
It is now, yet has never not been.

All can be reduced to mind and experience,
but mind and experience to what?
To one thing? Surely no.
To two? Only with effort.
So beyond mind and experience, why bother?

Just accept that you are
with mind fully aware
and enjoy what you see in Life.

Life is joy, love and emotion
Just enjoy, experience and share


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