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Three Dangerous Myths of Mental Health

August 8, 2011

Myth 1: Mental process is brain process. This has never been proven, and actually (due to quantisation) logically entails that the Real numbers are countable (though I am not going to attempt to write the proof of that statement here: just consider the continuity of experience and consider the amount of information and see if it is compatible with the assumption that it is countable.)

Myth 2: Brain process problems can be diagnosed by anybody other than the person whose brain it is. The brain is way too complex for that. You can guess, and selectively ignore evidence to the contrary, using clever statistical arguments to hide uncertainties, but nothing that has been deduced from brain observations has been done so with serious logical rigour (not on the scale of mathematics anyhow).

Myth 3: Psychiatrists are trained in the necessary areas of science and philosophy to actually know what they are doing and to do their job reliably. They are trained, alas, in medicine and that is the wrong area for a great number of reasons. Space and time prohibit me from going into details here, and in any case, a web forum is not the place for detailed arguments.


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