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Free Thoughts on Origins

August 5, 2011

I like to think freely, drawing on my experiences of doing so to find more rational thoughts.  What follows may be described as the ‘Pooh Bear on Acid’ school of thought on origins but I challenge you to refute it without guessing or otherwise making unsupported assumptions.
Genesis 1 refers to waters.  At this point physical reality as we know it did not exist.  The apparent past isn’t real (it leads to infinite regress).  Paleontological history is, like a reflection in a mirror, virtual: it has no human witness to cross examine and we can’t examine the mind and thinking of a rock!  Go deep enough and the illusion dissolves.  Its permanence is founded on mental work done by those who choose to believe in it, and who may stake their reputations on this belief.  No empirical evidence can contradict this: dating methods use uncertain reasoning and so can’t be relied on for foundations.  All we have at present is our present: not what is actually past, just our present memories of it.
Genesis asserts that all is due to mind and, ultimately, the mind of God.  (Else where would the causal chain end?)  Creation is a process of influence, separation and definition, mediated by the choices of the Creator.  It is foolish to doubt this since one can only expend mental effort in a futile attempt to refute what can’t be refuted.  But rejecting it for these reasons is equally foolish as this is a blind guess about what you don’t understand.  Accept with a pinch of salt!


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