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My Religion is Quadravistic

August 4, 2011

I have often thought about how to characterise my religious beliefs in a name. The name I came up with was Quadravism, derived from quadrivium.  A Quadravism (and there is no one True Quadravism) is a belief system founded on four fundamentally independent schools of philosophy or thought.  Mine are Ancient Greek, Ancient Hebraic, Ancient Indian and Ancient Chinese.  I practise this Quadravism through various modern activities, maintaining a curious interest in the history of the thought systems I found my belief system on.  I also accept later developments of those schools of philosophy such as Mathematics, Buddhism, Taoist Philosophy, Taiji and Christianity.

It is important when choosing foundations to choose them in a way that the whole is consistent, and thus at the very least the foundations are mutually consistent.  This requires a certain mental flexibility in the interpretation of those foundational belief systems.  The payoff is that, given one, I can practically recover the essence of the others, through careful logical exploration and argument.  Thus there is a good deal of redundancy despite the independence of the foundational systems.

You can picture a Quadravistic belief system as a tetrahedron, each corner being at the centre of one of the foundational belief systems.  Of course the foundational systems are not one-dimensional and, thus, should be thought of as regions centred on the corners of the tetrahedron such that each centre does not occur in any other the other systems.

Anyway, if you’re curious as to my religious beliefs, this is the best I can do.

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