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Truth versus benefit

January 30, 2011

Truth is a difficult and nebulous concept:
One can easily get hung up on it.

With regards to one’s way of life,
A better question is:
Is it beneficial?
And beneficial in what way?

The anger at religion and faith of some
Gives atheism and agnosticism a bad name,
Illustrating as it does, the lack of a warmth and positivity
That belief in a higher purpose can engender.

One must look to the attitude to life of those who criticise faith.  Ask yourself: Do you wish to harbour such ill will towards the faiths, or is it more beneficial to take a different path?  One should take heed of the warning that scientific truth does not give one a way of life to follow.  It does not tell you of moral ways to live life, and nor should it.  But equally those of faith should not counter science by insistence that their holy texts are unquestionably right:   faith is not about belief against the evidence, just as one cannot change the colour of an apple by belief alone.


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