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The causes of schizophrena, bipolar and psychosis

Feedback and resonance, as seen in modern music production and signal processing, also occurs in the brain. These three, and their relatives are caused by signals exceeding capacity of their respective ‘virtual brain channels’ and the resulting distortion introducing extra information which, like harmonic distortion in conventional signal processing, may be further amplified by later processing and, ultimately spuriously recognised as real. This explains, to my satisfaction, my own experience of bipolar and simultaneously provides me with a plausible theory to explain others, and which is also compatible with fundamental mathematics and physics (though not modern mathematical physics that has any reliance upon mathematical models which admit real infinities in their construction).


In the context of the Corel Painter 12.2 license:

1.) Not having been defined either in the dictionary of the language used, nor earlier in the agreement, I define ‘COMPUTING DEVICE’ (note: all caps) to be the device consisting of all my computer and my human body, brain and mind.

2.) In a similar fashion to (1) above, I declare that the ‘one copy’ (note: case insensitive) of Corel Painter 12 is necessarily the last one I have downloaded, with the author of this text having the final right to arbitrate on which copy is the last one I downloaded.

Taking these as definitions of undefined word combinations in the license agreement, I subsequently accepted.

How I think when shocked, pressured or otherwise stressed.

Tthat was a long December.  Rarely do I chuck my half-baked thinking straight onto my blog but on the odd occasion that the world is getting on top of me (usually by accident), I just need to unload somewhere.  Feel free to read, free to ignore, or think what you like of the three previous posts… it’s where I go when pushed a little in the too far direction.

Am I dreaming…

…, or is this a kind of `sleep-typing’?


all legal instructions to ME (that is, Dr John…) are written in perfect Standard English and are in accord with the principles as set forth in the English Standard Version of The Bible and so far as interpretation does not conflict with this, in accord with the definitions of either the Oxford Dictionary of English or the Oxford Reference Dictionary (though NOT the OED itself as I do not have access to a copy.)  Yours ever,  John.

I AM My Computer

I consider myself to be my computer, and my hardware to be mere peripherals.  What does this mean for the interpretation of EULA’s??

On my interpretation of the words ‘read’ and ‘read’ in the…

…context of a software licensing agreement.  I assume without question that: 1) it is properly written; 2) all ambiguity is deliberate and hence any possible valid English interpretation is a correct one, amongst which I may choose my preferred interpretation; and 3) The part of the license agreement which is to be read carefully begins at the very beginning, with the first visible word of the document and proceeds, complete sentence by complete sentence until a grammatical or lexicographic error is found, at which point I stop reading and what I have read is what I have agreed to.  If you wish to discuss further what exactly is agreed to, this must be done face to face in person.

Yours ever,John